Procurement & Construction of Jetty 3

On April 2014, Antara Koh Pte Ltd, was awarded the construction of Jetty 3 as a main contractor. It was a continuity of trust from the Client after Antara Koh Pte Ltd successfully completed the construction of Jetty 1 and Jetty 2.

The Jetty 3 (the jetty in the middle between jetty 1 and jetty 2 as seen in the picture) is the 3rd and last jetty for Stolthaven Singapore Pte Ltd at their Tembusu Terminal. The Jetty 3 is built to service Liquid Bulk Tankers up to 10,000DWT and LPG Tankers up to 10,000DWT.

The scope of works include construction of a new jetty consisting of approach trestle, loading platform, 2 breasting dolphins by carrying out piling works, concrete works and installation of walkways, marine fenders and mooring facilities.

One of the highlights of the Project is that the construction location is in between 2 operational jetties, Jetty 1 and Jetty 2. Our construction team must work in a restricted area. Each stage of construction sequences was planned and carried out in such way as not to effect the operation of the 2 adjacent jetties. Close communication between the Contractor and the Client to update the construction progress and operation schedule of the 2 jetties was one of the important elements during the construction period.

Antara Koh Pte Ltd successfully completed the construction of jetty 3 as scheduled, achieved good quality and maintained safety throughout the construction process with zero downtime to the operational of the adjacent jetty 1 and jetty 2.

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