Plant & Equipment Rental

We have a wide range of construction equipment and plants for rental.

Piling Barges 6 units Up to 88 metres leader.
Fully hydraulic control
Crane Barges 13 units From 70 ~ 350Tons
Crawler Cranes 31 units From 35 ~ 350Tons
Hydraulic Vibro Hammers 9 units Up to 200Tons
Reverse Circulation Drills
& Drill String Assembly
15 units From 600mm ~ 3000mm Ø
Down the Hole hammers 2 units 1000mm Ø
High Pressure Air Compressors 14 units From 750CFM ~ 1070CFM 17BAR
Grout Pumps and Mixers 8 sets Up to 130mm piston Ø
Ground Anchor Machine 2 units  


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