Construction of Jetty for Yadana Gas Project

Completed on June 1996

The Jetty was designed for fast track construction method. As the location was in the remote southern part of Myanmar and without local resources such as, construction material, equipment and skilled manpower and also the situation was hostile as the insurgents were around the area.

The approach bridge, platform as well as the two mooring dolphins were supported by steel pipe piles. All the steel pipe piles were designed vertical for easy installation. The deck was steel reinforced concrete composites.

All components were prefabricated in Singapore and shipped to site for assembly and finally welded to form the Jetty. Steel jacketed design was used in order that vertical piles were used in the two Mooring Dolphins. The jackets took all the lateral load.

The main equipment used was a 250 tons lifting capacity crane barge and a rope suspension diesel hammer and welding machines.

The entire construction time on site was less than two months.

Installation of precast slab to prefabricated steel support deck
Under deck construction showing the composite prefabricated slab components welded together
Driving of piles by rope suspension diesel hammer
Steel jacket for mooring dolphins being placed on temporary platform and permanent piles treaded in
Completed Mooring Dolphin
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