Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Marine Facilities (Jetty 3) and Associated Dredging Works

PDT3 is the third phase of Dialog Group’s ambitious plan to develop Pengerang into a leading oil, gas and petrochemical hub in the Asia-Pacific region envisioned as a Rotterdam in the East. The development consists of storage tanks with a capacity of 430,000 cu m for clean petroleum products, and deepwater marine facility (Jetty 3). Antara Koh (M) Sdn Bhd was awarded in May 2019 to construct all the civil works, pipe rack modules, and jetty equipment installation for Jetty 3 by leading Japanese contractor Penta-Ocean (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

PDT3 lives up to its ‘Deepwater’ namesake with an access trestle that extends 1,600m from the shore to provide its outer berths with 24m water depth that allows the berthing of vessels ranging from 20,000 DWT LPG Carriers to 333,000 DWT ULCC. Its outer arm trestle spans across 865m length, providing ample space for 2 adjacent outer berths for the ULCC and VLCC respectively, and 2 inner berths for smaller vessels. There are a total of 34nos. of breasting dolphins and mooring dolphins to facilitate the berthing and mooring operation.

Besides these main structures, the jetty consists of many supporting facilities such as a conjoined Small Craft Jetty for passenger/pilot boats boarding, a Fire Water Platform to store firefighting equipment and sea water pump, a Utility Platform for chemical storage, an Inner Arm Trestle projection prepared for future expansion, a Turning Platform for vehicle turning and mounting of the Local Control Station, and a Ship Arrestor to prevent any vessels from colliding with the trestle.

The entire jetty structure together with its extensive facilities is mounted on 1,250 nos. of steel pipe piles that are 1.2m in diameter and 60-70m in length. These piles were driven in 1 single full length without site splicing by our 80m height piling barges PB68 and PB88.

The superstructure consists of a combination of precast / prestressed elements and in-situ casting. Approximately 8,500m3 of precast / prestressed elements and 35,000m3 of in-situ concrete were utilized to complete the entire jetty.

Along the access trestle are 94 units of pipe rack modules each weighing 60-80tons pre-loaded with pipe spools that connect the jetty to the storage tanks. The jetty equipment and deck furniture we helped to install include Rubber Fenders, Quick Release Hooks, Steel Walkways, Marine Loading Arms, Gangway Towers, Fire Monitors, and Navigational Aids.

PDT3 successfully received its first vessel on 19 Mar 2021.

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